What am I thinkin'???

 Since I have decided to live acording to lists~(it's a memory thing...) I have discovered that it's not that I do not get alot accomplished it's that I have ridiculous expectations....great ones but still ridiculous...
I have a busy head and do l0ve my lists~they keep me on course~♥

Here is my list for this past weekend and it's sunday afternoon and I'm in trouble!l Oh my....
the first thing that tripped me up was that I found a lost dog~he was so adorable and so stinky and running thru traffic~so I scooped him up and put him in my Jeep and off to the dogpound we traveled..(owners found next day!!)
Then yesterday I got a call from my Maggies' breeder asking if we would like another puppy s0 off we go to see the cutest 7 month old named "Ollie". Hmmmmmmmm........still thinkin' on that one....

I did start my scrap quilt that  Jodi @ Pleasant Home (see the button for "Sew Scraps Along" on the side of this post) is s0 patiently walking us all thru~ it feels GREAT to use scraps and make a cute quilt! Feels like a "free" project of sorts...

And I created  a few more girls so they could get ready for their assignments......  : )


  1. No pics of your new member of the family ?
    Although I love your posts anyway :-) xxx

  2. I'm still thinking about the new one....so cute...right age....right temperment...adorable..(did I say that..) hmmmmmmm.....

  3. Your list is so artistic and creative. I'm a list writer too but mine are generally so messy.... Is Ollie there yet???

  4. I like your bird in a nest pin cushions, did you design them?

    Great list, I like how big and creative it is.

  5. I love you lists too! Very inspirational!
    Looks like the black illustrations were done with the new fine point Sharpie pens? I just bought a package today for my lists!!
    I love your scrap quilt!
    Maybe we could do that on some Sewing Sunday! : )

  6. wow what a list i do the same thing sometimes i think i'm super woman and can get a whole lot more done than i have time for and miss maggie may what a cutie she really would like a boyfriend. hope you've had a great weekend.

  7. I really like the way your scrap blocks turned out and you got a lot finished!!


  8. Love your squares~~~~ sooo cute!
    nice way to start my day checking your colorful happy blog!!

  9. I have to live by lists too now that I am getting older and forgetful. I still have trouble finishing them though, but at least I know what needs to be done and time will eventually take care of them. HA! HA!


  10. I just came across your blog today for the first time because of the lovely blocks of you that Lizzie showed us on her blog...and what a great blog you have Eileen...love the scrapquilt and "the girls"...what a very good idea is the list...cute with those little drawings and that little ragdoll..awesome...Have to go now and sniffle some more on your other posts...greetings from the Netherlands....Francien.

  11. I needed that reminder about lists. I am procrastinating again.......I only wish my lists looked as darling as yours...but then I would look at them and want to draw and fool around and not get my lists done....Your blog is great!

  12. I´ve just discovered your blog and.. I take a couple of ideas, It is very funny the log cabin with the animals; And the quilting in the halloween top.. fantastic! and very inspired! I´ve just starting quilting with machine (a pfaff) and I love see that quilting works to learn! I follow now your blog. Best Regrads from Spain


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