Sewing weekend~♥

Kate has come to spend the long weekend with me in our sewing room~We both have a long list of side trips we hope to SQUEEZE in....

She  mastered the sewing machine on Friday and has been busy sewing  strips for the "Hourglass" quilt. She also enjoys ironing (!) so she travels between the machine and the ironing board just like the rest of us! Lol!

Yesterday, we were on one of our many road trips  and somehow started talking about problem solving and how some people can do it and others simply get stuck...

From the backseat I heard "I say just stick a pin in it."

 I said,"What do you mean?"

 Kate said "When you can't solve a problem just stick a pin in it and leave it" " I saw it in a movie..."

In the future I will remember your advice my little one.....♥


  1. Love it, conversations and pictures. Thank you for sharing this peek in!

  2. Lovely Kate!
    Special memories happening with Grandma
    I'll remember your sage advice.---
    Love, Grandie

  3. I LOVE watching young people get into the Art of Quilting!!! How wonderful!!!!

  4. *giggle* Too cute!
    But that could be the secret of life... " just stick a pin in it." Love it!

  5. Wonderful advise! Fun post- I love that basket quilt... what pattern is that?

  6. This is a lovely post, all about the steadiness and continuity of life.


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