Saturday, October 3, 2015

Every stitch is a prayer~

One year ago I made a promise to send a quilt to be raffled to Fill-A-Need Foundation.
I knew I would need a year to do it well enough~ all around and in between my busy days.

 I thought long and hard about a design and while thinking, I was busy working on my first DWR "20 Clinton St." which is a memory quilt of my grandmother.

This one Double Wedding Ring was going to be plenty in my lifetime, but I was really enjoying
the process of making a journal quilt using this new approach introduced to me by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.


 Victoria Findlay Wolfe inspired me with her videos and her book to approach the design a little differently~ mix it up...make it your own....tell your story~

I felt the same JOY when I found that all I needed for my longarm quilting style was a piece of chalk...and my imagination.

So I began with a journal quilt of my grandmother and before you know it I was ordering fabrics for Katies quilt which would be my second DWR....oh my...

Two of them now!......curved seams....a million little gradations of color....How do you quilt a DWR? How do you bind a scalloped edge?

I thought I will cross that bridge when I get to it...or jump off

So back to the auction at Fill-A-Need..I took a good look at the colorway of the webpage and the t-shirts and the beautiful motorcycle that Orange County Choppers did for them.

Red, blue,white and yellow.

I'll plan a solid yellow to represent the Bridge and then the reds and the blues all over~
White centers so I can quilt creamy" white on white" which is my favorite and then some quotes from Temple Grandin who will be the guest speaker at the auction~

These blocks really tickle my fancy. They give me a chance to slow down and just stitch....quietly.

A minute to think about the process and Katie and all the kids that will benefit from all her hard work~

And another thing happened here in New England last year that kept me in my sewing space...


Mother of Mercy and all the Saints and the camel.......

And it just snowed and snowed...

So projects got done at Robinhill Quilts~
And today this pretty little thing is all but complete...the binding on the scalloped edge after two looks at the video on YouTube.

The only thing remaining is the label~

Going once....going twice....xoE

Monday, August 10, 2015

Creating my new rug"On the Edge of a Dream"

In between and all along the edges of my busy days I am drawing out my new rug pattern and overdying some wool with a "new " formula I came across on one of my all time favorite blogs called

Our entire family had a great week in Maine this summer and the Fourth of July fireworks were enjoyed just off the cliff in the front of our home. I wanted to capture just the essence of that night with my nine grandchildren in a rug~

I have plenty of blue wool but a lot of it needs to be toned down and Rebecca showed me exactly how to do that......I had some really bright blues and when they dry completely I will show you just how this formula transformed them~ Now they are PERFECT for my Atlantic ocean~

First the sketch....

Then the transfer onto monks cloth with a sharpie and some pastel chalks~

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

California Dreamin'

A very sweet studio quilt from a master quilter in Cali~ I am almost finished playing.....

Thursday, June 4, 2015

My young QuIlTy friends~longarming~DWRing~Rug patterns and squeezing in an anniversary!

My KITE quilts girls were here last week~ Emma will be sure to post an update on their blog next week! They made strings of Prayer Flags that were quite beautiful...A big Thank You! to Colleen Durkin Blackburn for fabric for the streamers~
Lots of plans were made for their next sewing day~ If the weather is nice they have plans for a lemonade stand and a yard sale to raise money for a local charity~♥

Lots of longarming going on in between and all around my life with my family~ Pretty pretty quilts from all over~this "Big Sister" quilt from MyBlankies

pretty backing....

 DWR quilt blocks for a charity raffle in the fall~

And a lovely day spent in York ME. to take a peek at the Atlantic and enjoy a nice anniversary lunch ~ My husband and I have so much to be thankful for....

We are so looking forward to a family vacation this summer with all of our kids and all of our grandchildren under one roof~♥

Forty three years.......a lifetime...a minute...a blink. #blessed#survivors#happy#needcocktailsdaily

I have some orders for some rug hooking patterns to fill this week! My rugs call to me from the back porch as I am making meals for my family or helping with 3rd grade math or changing pampers~ I am pretty good about stealing time here, there and everywhere....You get pretty good at it after 63 years, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Melon by Melon~♥

I am making progress with my two DWR quilts~#1 DWR for me (20 Clinton Street) and #2 DWR ( Words of Wisdom ) for a dear friend to raffle in the fall of 2015.

I am learning ALOT......patience for sure is at the top of the list.....
Bird by Anne Lamott would say.....melon by melon as it relates to this pattern~♥

And some special center blocks with quotes from Temple Grandin herself~

All for a wonderful project called Fill-A-Need Foundation

But for now its all about the melons....  xoE

Monday, April 27, 2015

More "Loveletters" and Summer plans~

Prayers for Nepal~

Sweet 'Loveletters " from Moms from all never gets old~♥


And a quilting break this summer so I can focus on my four KITE Kwilts girls~ They all have their own sewing machine now so we are getting down to business or we will eat and tell stories~watch Little Women or Downton Abbey......
I cannot wait for them to come and spend some days on end....they keep me on my toes~♥xoE

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I just got onboard the HEXI train! Better late than never!

So here I am late to the party but catching up fast~ I am learning lessons quickly as I ordered a very large 3 inch hexi at the start and paper along with it~ When it arrived in the mail I got a good laugh at the size of it! But it really suits my Kaffe fabric stash~

 I also found some lovely threads for the hand quilting later....

So I will call this quilt "The Collection"

And of course all around and in between I am quilting lovely quilts~ This is one of two made by Colleen for two sisters~ the other is on my frame~

Some "loveletters"

Millie always ready for errands or treats~ She looks innocent right here doesn't she? Well she just stole my LAST hot cross bun from the was sitting by my coffee.....I left for a minute to put the heater on..on my porch and when I came back..... lose....said Millie.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pretty pink quilts~pretty baby boy quilts~ 2DWR's in progress~♥♥

Cute as a button quilt for a sweet baby boy~Lots of LOVE from his MiMi~♥
 Progress every day on 20 Clinton Street~ I think the secret to a DWR quilt is to do a bit every day~like rug hooking....and it builds itself! Row by row....loop by loop as Deanne Fitzpatrick would say....
 Inspiration everywhere this month. I am looking forward to the article in ARTIST & MAKERS about Tula Pink!
 Sweetest quilt ever if I do say! This was a joy to make! Believe it or not this was the very first quilt I have made and sold~(!)

Time for the quilt to go.....last picture!
And here is my collection for the 2nd DWR which will be for a wonderful auction~ I will keep you posted in case anyone would like to take a chance!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Girls are coming today! KITZ KWILTZ ♥♥♥♥ And a new Ebay listing!

Today will be our Valentine Party ~ AND some more sorting and some group stitching on a new charity twin quilt!
 Lots of good baking happening here~♥

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dreaming of Spring, Inspiration and beautiful Quilty things~

The "Blizzard Sisters" made their way to our home last weekend to spend some time playing and sewing....eating and creating.....
Tara and E always camera ready.....rascals~
 Little "E" is chomping at the bit to get her hands on my quilting machine.....she is learning how to load a quilt onto the frame....her quilt top is in the line~up! Meanwhile she helps choose thread, organizes my pins and unwraps batting ~ all sorts of necessary jobs!

Kate is on the other side of the table working on her handwork while I think about my design on this sweet quilt~
Kate loved helping with the 20 Clinton St. quilt ~ looking thru her own fabric stash for a memory quilt of her own.....

 Lots of time for hot cups of tea.....♥♥♥

And right in the middle of our wonderful weekend, the Girl scout cookies came in!!!
Some to be brought home to the girls houses...
if there are any left~

Kate made two very sweet pillowcases front and back with her favorite fabrics
One for herself and one for her lucky Nana E~
She spent the better part of two days at the sewing machine.
The seat never cooled between her and I~

 Emma worked on a lampshade for the back porch using buttons and fabric hearts and words of wisdom~
We are planning our next KITE KWILTZ meeting for this Saturday the 28th and have a menu planned and some fun projects~

These young ladies inspire me.....

every visit~