The Quilt that Love made....♥ Thank you Lizzy!

Take a little trip over to to admire the quilt top that Lizzie has created from some of the blocks donated to her from all over the world . This quilt is for her dear friend Sue.....(she will now make the backing from blocks as well!)
As I told Lizzie, she has managed to harness love from all around the world and create a wonderful gift for her friend who needs this positive energy.... :)
I think this quilt top represents to all of us, the deep~down reason we all love this quilty stuff...women using their hands and hearts creating a love you can actually touch and wrap around you when you need it~♥


  1. There is ALOT of LOVE in that QUILT!

  2. It is so beautiful and I also agree, Lots of love went into it.


  3. Lizzie gave us all a chance to hug a sister in need. I was honored to help in a small way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I grew up in Worcester Mass. Where is your bit of New England?

  4. That is a wonderful quilt. I loved helping with it. To see the results, is wonderful!


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