Happy Halloween! (my Sunday projects~)

Pretty autumn colors in Shirleys' quilt!!

 sashing for my scrappy quilt....
 A new face in the crowd.....♥

WHO has gotten into the candy? I must remember to take out all the Reeses and hide them before 5 o'clock tonite....


  1. I just went and bought candy for the trick or treaters. I am trying to ignore that it's sitting on the kitchen counter calling my name.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. Love your quilting and adore Kit Kats!

  3. Love the face you're embroidering.
    Love the feathers and swirly on the autumn quilt.
    Love the sashing in your scrappy quilt.
    No candy here (the last time I bought for Halloween we had 6 trick or treaters). I don't enjoy the candy and rarely eat it--although if my nutrients are low and the stress is high, I can be tempted by real chocolate!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. How I wish I knew how to long arm ... how I wish I had one! What do you think of your HQ? You do beautiful work!

  5. The kids must love Trick or Treating at your house with your full size candy bars!! : )

  6. The quilt is so beautiful and I love the scroll work you did on it.


  7. I would buy the candy and hide it on myself~~~~
    some how I managed to find it and have to go buy some more

    we have a great neighborhood for trick or treaters
    last night there were a lot of older kids and I was pleasently surprised at how polite they were


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