Door A Doodles ♥

A few friends have asked about the little quilt on my door (which is in my header) and so I thought I would post the original pics I took when I first completed it~ You can find Door a Doodles patterns at their website .There are s0 many choices for the center mini quilt and it really warms
up the front door!


  1. Very sweet. I'd love to make something like this for our door!

  2. VERY cute!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and the website for the patterns. I love it! Another project on my list.

  3. I love it! I think the bigger thread makes a big difference and of course I love those buttons. I think a whole quilt of fun sunflowers of wool would be great. You never mention what the owner said when they pick up that quilt with your great quilting - I think I would have been so overwhelmed with happiness if it was mine.....

  4. I love all the textures! Your eye keepes moving from place to another which is wonderful!


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