A House in the Country needs your help~♥

Lizzie from http://www.nanalizzie.blogspot.com/ is lovingly putting together a quilt for a good friend who is fighting for her life...she has had quite an outpouring from around the world reminding us that there is more good in the world than bad~we need to be reminded of that more often~Take a peek at all the pretty blocks on her blog!
For a chuckle~I carefully tucked my block inside a card and addressed it to Lizzie and left it on the counter until I could figure out postage to Australia.....later that day my husband saw it on his way out of the door and slapped one "forever" stamp on it and off it went! When I asked him how much was the postage for the letter he mailed he said "43 cents" "Why?" He had no idea it was on its' way to Australia~lol! Well it made it!! I thought for sure it would be promptly sent back to me....


  1. Hi,
    When you have time can you show the quilt that is hanging in your header? It looks wonderful from the side! I enjoyed your last post about the show you went to - we can only enjoy pictures of things that wonderful!

  2. The postal pixies must have known that block was destined for an impoortant mission.

  3. Sometimes they just do it right the first time...!
    Thanks Eileen

  4. We recently became new followers and have become enchanted with all your great photos and your homey feel. We wanted to tell you we have passed on a blogging award to you. Enjoy!


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