Stella Luna Maggie May~

(a puppy picture from snugharbor labradoodles)(our puppy is in the last post...)

We had such a GREAT visit with Stella and her owners, Judy and Jackie~ We spent the whole time visiting and playing with puppies and never took one photo!

Maggie May will be coming home the week-end of February 20th~ I asked my oldest grand-daughter (who btw is desperately afraid of dogs) if she would like to name our new puppy and she chose Maggie ( with her brother and sister in agreement). Maggie and my grand-daughter will be fast friends in due time....actually seven little people will grow up with her...all very special to us~

So Maggie May it will be~
We will be out and about this weekend buying all her bling~

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  1. How absolutely adorable!! Wishing you a long and happy relationship together ;-)

  2. Hope you enjoy you puppy as much as we enjoy our big lug. He's a lot of fun and at times rather maddening.

  3. That has to be the cutest puppy I've ever seen! blessings, marlene


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