Somewhere out of nowhere......update from the last post...

KABLAM!! All these emotions!!

So~ this is S0 not about the sugar but about life and feelings and sources of comfort unique to all of us~ mine just happens to be sugar and all its relatives, but sugar will either kill me in the end or at the very least (and this will be discussed later) steal my JOY~

So now what? I have to find another source of comfort don't I? ~ hmmmmmm.....and I will.....

And the year thing....I feel I should explain..

The 365 days of sugar free, I think for me, is simply a prayer~ a mantra~ a zen thing~ a journey~ a committment~ a promise just to me..

hard work miracles or magic..

At the end of the year I will simply begin again to continue to be better to myself even if it's hard...

I am approaching this with humor and a positive attitude~ please offer my husband condolences if you see him...

stay tuned...I have!!


  1. Hang in there you'll feel better and better. What was your inspiration to do so? I did this many years ago for 1 year also for health reasons. It was the beginning of my journey to a healthier life and the beginning of a new career in alternative health. If you just want to talk please email me. I've been there. I've been following you for some time now.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. Keep it up, you are inspiring me. Did you know you can break a sugar addiction in 14 days. I haven't tried it myself but perhaps I should.

  3. Hi Eileen...Funny I just checked in with your blog to read that you are going sugar free. It's ironic to me because I too started on Friday a sugar free diet as well. I think we have similar reactions to it. I think my bingeing on white chocolate chips did me in!! and I remembered how good I felt when I tried it before. : )
    I just keep telling myself that it is like poison to my system and will put me in a funk. I too, feel much better these past few days getting it out of my system...
    Good day at a time...imagine skull and cross bones on any sugary treats that tempt you...that's what I do!! : )
    Love from your Irish sister,
    Beth : )

  4. I think I am being inspired by all the non sugar posts!!!

  5. I think you are so funny! Thank you for the smile!!!

  6. PS
    Got your post on my blog... BOTH! LOL! Like your idea and would love to talk more. Please feel free in emailing me!


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