A new girl in town....

So~ in the middle of every little thing that I am involved in...(as stated by the fine breeder of this pup..) my planet has collided with "Stella Luna"

I have been researching and e-mailing and reading all about Australian labradoodles for quite some time and I finally found a wonderful breeder to partner with and welcome a forever friend into our home. i am going to see her for the first time on Wednesday and I will have more to share I am sure...(I met her aunt on Saturday and I'm thinkin the rest is history~)


Aunt Pearl~


  1. Ahh how cute... Your gonna love your new pup. :^)

  2. OMG!!! my soft spot is for the furry kids i've had in my life. makes me want to cry i miss mine so bad. she is sooooo super cute she will have you at hello =0) she's just adorable. i can't wiat to see more on wed. marilyn

  3. Stella is adorable! I love Labradoodles
    (& spanadors)and knew one once called Lucy, the smartest dog I ever met.

  4. Who couldn't love that face!


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