A wedding rug for my daughter and her husband~

While we spent Christmas day at my daughters home I noticed that she had hung her wedding rug on the wall in her dining room ~very pretty~ (The pic is a little over-exposed as I used a flash (!) That room was lit with candlelight and light from the woodstove that night.....

When my daughter told me she was getting married I knew I had to make her something special and so I thought why not a beautiful rug to stand on as they take their vows...

She planned a wedding within a year and I hunted for the right pattern and added some words from Tasha Tudor who we both love~ I hooked and hooked and studied it and made changes, put in loops and pulled out others and really l0ved it in the end~

The family all packed up gowns and dresses and suits and playclothes and took the boat to Nantucket, Ma. and we had ourselves a wonderful wedding weekend...It rained so hard that April with huge cold raindrops falling as we ran into the church and my daughters friends' running and laughing all the way to the church from the Inn. ~Its a sign of good luck in our Irish family to have the rain...:)

I layed the rug on the floor of the altar before the kids arrived and then put a case of tissues on the pew between myself and my husband..

It is wonderful when you have a chance to stop time as we all do with these important events, whether its with a rug or a quilt or a special piece of family jewelery~

good times...


  1. Beautiful rug! I love Tasha Tudor too.

  2. Oh how lovely! But how did she fasten it so it doesn't fold or bend? I think circular work can be very attractive but the only thing I ever tried (a pieced table center) I ended up disliking.

    Thank you for visiting my place- I'm always glad to meet fellow Irish! Having lived 15 years overseas I know well the importance of meeting like minds...and lets face it there are few minds like the Irish!!!

  3. happy is the Bride who is rained on... Lovely gift for a lovely daughter.

  4. What a sweet post and a beautiful rug. With 'Time in a Bottle' playing, it made it especially touching. (You always have such good music on your blog.)

  5. That's a rug? Wow, I'd put it on the wall, too -- too afraid of the constant wear and tear!!!!

    Love your new banner image. That quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

  6. It is one of my most treasured possessions...too beautiful to put on a floor~it is more like a piece of art and memory of such a special moment in my life. I nailed it to the wall (probably made a horrible mess of my wall with about 10 to 15 nails) as that spot is where it will be until the end of time.

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