New rug design~inspiration from Doris Eaton~Quilts and strawberry Wool

Doris Eaton has inspired me to try this beautiful strawberry design rug which gave me an excuse to dye some scrumptious strawberry wool along with a dyepot full of a relaxed black background (all of your darkest wools thrown into the pot and simmered together alone or with a splash of black dye) I added more black dye so that the strawberries will pop off the squares~

♥ Thank you Doris for your beautiful books and rugs~ check out Doris on YouTube explaining the Doris Eaton edge...a new and different way to finish your rugs!

 here is the rug....isn't it beautiful?
 Here are my new strawberry colors still damp on the porch~patience........btw i got this drying rack online and it is fantastic!!!!! It is from and folds away nicely when not in use~It is made in the USA and is all maple and steel~It will dry a large load of laundry in case you were wondering.....but who is doing laundry when they can be hooking or quilting~lol!
 another view for you...
 This is my friend Kathys beauty ready to go~just have to load on the backing and choose a pretty thread~
 Millie wants to come in and check the kitchen floor for any new crumbs since she went out two seconds ago~♥


  1. Oh my, Millie is getting to be a big girl! So beautiful!! Is she a doodle?

    1. She is a Labradoodle Paulette and she is getting big....she will be about 35 lbs full grown so just shy of a medium sized dog and a perfect size for the kids~she is from Tip of the Shore labradoodles in Duxbury Ma.

  2. Love the colors of everything!! That strawberry rug is so you!! : )

  3. love the rug, quilts gorgous, what a great drying rack and millie is soooo cute! my daughter has a solid blk golden doodle thats huge and under a year old... been alot of work but is just soo cute. named oliver. enjoy your evening.

  4. That rug is gorgeous, can't wait to see yours all finished. I have one of those drying racks, quite old and British! Never thought to dry crafty stuff on it!


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