"When the angels are with you"

My mother taught me everything I know about cake decorating~she was the cake lady in our neighborhood back in the day while raising 6 children~hanging cloth diapers~waxing floors~wallpapering rooms, budgeting and on and on....

She is an artist as well and when she would draw her portraits she would go into her "zen" place and create her magic~she did the same when decorating wedding cakes~she would put the record player on the lowest speed and build her frosting roses on a piece of paper at the center of the record holder~petal after petal of frosting as the circle would spin~

I was her apprentice not for floor scrubbing but for all of the beautiful details she made from frosting and in the portraits she drew while her children swirled around her....."when the angels were with her" she told me yesterday, she could get into that magical state of  creativity ~♥

Emma "big E"turned 6 years old this weekend and requested a home~made birthday cake~6 layers please Nana~
And so this is how grandmothers get in trouble and find themselves thinking not of sheep as they try to sleep but how will I keep the layers from listing to one side....lol!

And here it was at Emma house showing its true colors~The party and cake were originally planned for 40 people but little Emma woke up with the flu so it was pared down to 6~everyone had a layer...lol!

 Big "E" celebrating her wonderful life~she said she feels taller~♥

 And of course we could not forget her birthday apple pies~

another special request from Emma~

I made little ones this year so she could pass them out to whoever she deemed worthy~

Two layers that did not make the cut stayed at home for Nana and Grampy~


  1. What a great birthday celebration--and six layers all different? How cool is that!
    By the way I love the stove! I had one like that in one of my first apartments, and another like that for 8 years in a teacherage on the pueblo. They are such great stoves--and not all that hard to repair!

  2. What a wonderful, memory-making cake! Happy birthday to little Emma, you are one special Grammie! (I think those sweet pies look yum, too) I do hope the birthday girl is on the mend ~

  3. what a wonderful huge cake! good for breakfast lunch and supper! hope emmas feeling better! stop by my blog and look at my grand puppy who looks alot like yours oliver is a golden doodle..enjoy your day!

  4. How wonderful that you were there to help out like that! I would LOVE to live close enough to my grandkids to make their birthday cakes! My mother was also a cake decorator and made gorgeous wedding cakes! Yours is so much fun! Love the colored layers! I'm sure Emma will always remember this!

  5. thanks for the memories Eileen !___
    so nice going down memory lane with you yesterday .
    I couldn't have done it without you You were right there by my side
    Love You Mom

  6. Wow!! What a wonderful birthday cake!!! Amazing!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. fabulous cake and happy birthday dearest Emma!

  8. I'm lost for words, that cake is amazing and I just love the colours inside! What a good Granma you are E

  9. What a cake a beautiful cake , colors are amazing and the birthday girl is quite lovely too!

  10. Now that is cake memories are made of!! What a wonderful grandma you are!!

  11. Dear Robin
    Grandma make a really magical Birhtday Cake...its so Amazing with so much different colors.
    Emma looks really HAPPY...
    But Im in Love with Appel Pie so...can I have a littel piece...:)
    Happy Birthday Emma..from Berlin a lot of Greatings

  12. That is one tall birthday cake. So many pretty layers.


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