My super~fan nod to Deanne Fitzpatrick~♥

Dear Diary~
Every few years (or days) I find myself at at a crossroads and have to stop and pay attention to what I am called to do. This particular crossroad finds me at 60 and it has so many options that I need to get "quiet". Do you know what I mean? Very quiet....choose carefully....perhaps mix a lot more "me" into this recipe~ 

I have lost alot in my life but I have gained much much more~so when I listened to Deanne Fitzpatricks interview in blogtalk radio she struck a chord when she quoted Katherine Hepburn, "happiness is wanting what you have." 

I have a lot....I need to pay attention to that.....I'm not talking only about "stuff" right?

Now I don't know about you but I need to have important sayings right next to me if I am going to remember them on a daily basis~ so I thought I would hook this reminder and hang it where I would see it each morning.

Now rest assured this is just the very first step in a long process for me because wrapped up in this saying for me are some very big projects~

While being "quiet" I will begin to inventory my excess and replace some dust bunnies with beautiful belongings~ I mean that in a real sense and in the abstract....

As for "what I have" well that is for me the biggest pile to sort..And that is because part of what I "have" is creativity and I get lost in my own plans ~can you imagine such a thing? But I most certainly do...oh my...

One great step forward in this process was to begin to do craft fairs because it pulls together so many of the things I love~hanging out with other artists~meeting customers who tell me stories about their life while looking at our artwork~It is SUCH a cool connection...PLUS the sweet and spicy home~made pickles are really good....

I will only vend near the ocean or on rolling hills on a farm~no indoor spaces please...I need breathing space if I am ever going to really see what I "have"....♥

So thank you Deanne for your inspiration and for your beautiful blog

I will keep you posted on my progress~thanks for listening~♥


  1. I really understand and relate to where you are right now! I turned 62 this year and it dawned on me that if I'm ever going to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I need to do it NOW! I have a very hard time parting with my "stuff"- not because I value it for what it is, but for what it represents to me. Good luck with your crossroads days!

  2. Wow that is gorgeous and a saying I have always loved! At 52, 2 have flown the coop and the baby started high school last week so the writing is on the wall. Lots of thinking/ planning here for "stage 3." Will you offer this in your shop? Sign me up for one! Blessings, Angela

  3. growing up isn't easy is it? I have to say though, my sixties have given me permission to be who/what I am without worrying (too much) about what others think of me. The biggest lesson I had to learn was that I couldn't be everything to everyone, I just have to be me......for me!!!

  4. So love that! I totally know what and where you are coming from. As a family we are dealing with my mother in law. Her mental state is declining rapidly. (she is 90). I have been going through the same processes that you talk about. I love that you were inspired! Sometimes "thoughts" well you know, can take you to other places. I so want to love and appreciate and be thankful for what i have. Thanks for sharing and the reminder!

  5. So true well said. I think it's part of being an artist we always want more but sometimes we need to stop and breath and realize what we already have.

  6. its so nice that we can relate to each other. i too at 52 since loseing my man of 30 years have come to realize i need quiet too. its hard to explain, because my husbands gone and my children are grown and on their own... i use to do craft shows with my soap and baskets and think i need to do it again. also get the ufos finished...enjoy your evening!


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