"ScoopS" are coming along!

It always feels so good to get to the point with applique projects when you can join all the blocks together~Lots and lots of hand sewing which is my very favorite thing to do~so THANK YOU "little boys yet to come" for letting this Nana E go to her ZEN place of sewing~♥♥
 Spring is EVERYWHERE~ I managed to get to the local Agway for some birdseed so I can have some company right outside my sewing space~window open~beautiful breeze~You have to capture the JOY whenever you can.....

 Three scoops please........♥


  1. Enjoy that nice Spring weather. I'm looking forward to cosy fires, pots of soup and snuggly slippers on my tootsies.

  2. Those are so cute! The view out your window looks so pretty, too. I can't wait for the warmer weather to stay!!


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