Maggie and Millie friends at long last~♥

 Sleep~over at Nana E's~watching tv in my bed~I guess Cal was only able to talk during commercials~lol!
 Making "KEEP OUT" signs for the teepees~

 When did THIS little munchkin~
 turn into THIS long drink of water?

 Relaxing in his Teepee~    "BOYS" only....

 Picnic in big E's cosy spot`

For instructions on how to build a teepee go to www.celebrations.com/content/how-to-make-a-teepee#


  1. Love all the pictures!! So cozy and special! : )

  2. All shots are so sweet, mostly 'cause it's memories made with their loving Grammy!

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love the "keep quiet during the movie" one!
    Glad the poochies are friends now, that makes for good pictures too!


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