Lots of finishing touches ~Quilt for SALE~and ongoing projects~Getting ready for MQX EAST!!

Three "scoops" for baby boy due May 1st~ready for a minkee back and some white on white quilting~my 
favorite kind of quilting!! (He is the third child in his family)

 One "scoop" for baby boy due June 15th! ( He will be my daughter-in-laws first baby~He is the third child in his family) The shower is on April 29th so I must get moving....

Call me crazy but I had to make a pink "scoop" while I was at it~I had such pretty pink fabrics and needed a fix! I will quilt it for a sweet baby girl and sell it on Etsy~♥ If anyone is interested before I begin to quilt it please e-mail me at robinhillquilts@hotmail.com and I can personalize it with your babies name~♥ 

The price will be $125.00 plus 10.00 shipping~(Hand applique~minkee white backing~custom quilting) I will post a picture when it is finished!  

 This came today and I cannot open it until I have done all that is on my Tuesday list~ This is a GREAT magazine for those of you who hook~♥

 Speaking of hooking~this is the rug I am working on at the moment~I treated myself to a kit from Walker Homestead (Thank you to my kids for a wonderful gift certificate) It is such a treat to have all the wool ready to cut and hook~

 Just a few more rows and I am ready to call this young lady to pick up her beautiful hand embroidered quilt~ I quilted all around but simply framed the little blocks of embroidery for her~It makes the little square rise up and show off!


  1. Love all you Scoop quilts but that three scoop is my favorite. Lovely gifts!

    1. Thank you Caroll! You have to be having your third baby to get three "scoops"!!

  2. Love those quilts! So cheerful!
    That is the same rug you hooked for me!! You even hooked a cat in it! Who knew...then along came Plymouth Rocky! : )
    Your quilt is going to the hit of the shower!!
    Love, Beth : )

    1. It does look similar to yours~I have this think you know....for houses and cats~lol!

  3. Firstborn GamacheApril 10, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    It really is shameful that your two daughters did not inherit this talent....LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!

    1. No worries~You girls are WICKED SMAAATTT!!! You both inherited your fathers' smatz.....(my best Boston accent...) Have another grandbaby for me Jacki and I will be happy to make a quilt with 4 scoops!

  4. Beautiful works!! I´ll be your follwer.


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