Puppies? A new favorite magazine~Quilting lessons learned~

Maggie on her way VERY early Tuesday morning to the groomers for a FLUFF and BUFF! She then goes to Duxbury for a 6-8 week vacation by the ocean as she delivers her pups~ We heard from Duxbury that she looked "GREAT" after her grooming and now we wait to hear about her litter~We really miss her bouncing around the house but we will see her soon enough~♥

My new 'favorite" magazine~You can buy it at JoAnns....this copy will wait for just the right moment.....

 So~for the backing on my "Scoops" quilts I choose a "Minkee" in blue with white dots and a green with white dots~The first quilt is all quilted but my machine is not liking the backing as it releases alot of fluff...
I will do one more today with the "fluffy " stuff and then it's back to 100% cotton for my HQ~ Live and learn.......


  1. Good luck with Maggies puppies, that's so exciting. We used to breed Golden Retrievers and apart from lots of fur on everything it was so much fun.
    I have Molly Makes on my ipad, it is great to read.

  2. I found Mollie Makes at the bookstore and flipped through the pages and tried to soak in all I could!! : ) A keeper for sure!!
    I can't wait to see pictures of Maggie's pups!! : )


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