Quilts old and new~♥

This is a well loved quilt ready to recycle~the fabrics on the applique have been loved~away...♥

 This is a Welcome wall hanging getting all fancied up to go to the Coop~I think it will need a couple of big beautiful buttons on the top to make it at the ready for hanging~

Here is a quilters dream waiting to be loaded onto my quilt machine....wonderful prim colors with a perfect mix of cotton and wool~


  1. I love that basket quilt...all frayed and well used!! Please show the wool/cotton quilt when you have it finished- gorgeous!

  2. The cotton and wool quilt looks right down your alley!! Can't wait to see what you do with it! : )

  3. Each quilt so different, yet with a beauty of their own.

  4. Love the wool/cotton applique quilt!!! I'm sure I've seen the pattern or at least something similar somewhere - anyone have a clue???? RobinHill - looking forward to see your quilting finish! Thanks for your inspirational blogging!!

  5. Love the cabins. I'm such a sucker for wool I just love working with it.
    P.s. Stay cool it's triple digits with higher humidity here.


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