Happily learning lessons~♥

This is Shirleys beautiful black and white quilt~we decided to use white black and red thread to accent her quilt and to keep the integrity of her piecing~that made complete sense to me in the abstract~now for the design...hmmmmm. I chose to simply use a grid on the black, highlight the black triangles with a motif and swirl feathers in the white....oh my...

What I realized as I began was this pretty print actually soaked in the thread and made it disappear...I mean "Where's Waldo" disappear!!! I had no idea where I had quilted and no idea where I was headed! Has this ever happened to you? Well LOOOOONG story short I FELT my way along as I quilted reading my quilt like a book in braille...I am serious!!!

And the lesson I was learning was that some prints are to be enjoyed more than the threadwork and I will remember to play second fiddle with my thread if I come across a statement color quilt in my future..

If I place Shirleys quilt in the sun at high noon you can appreciate my design ~lol! (It helps too if you have on some reading glasses...ha! )


  1. Oh, wow! What an experience - did it give you a headache? The quilt is marvelously striking, though.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. And yes! I have had that happen. Its awful trying to see where you've started and stopped!

  3. No one would know it was tricky, it looks so gorgeous! Well done E


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