K00L~Aid strawberry wool~♥

I have lots of wool in colors that need tweaking before they inspire me. I love to dye wool but had yet to try Kool Aid dying so I gave it a whirl~these are my t00 pink pinks...(before shot)

 These are my cast of characters....My husband came home as the wool was simmering and he said,"What is that smell?" oh my.......sweet berry boiling wool......lol!

 waiting patiently for the wool to dry....(the antique crib is coming to the Cooperage with me..)

(After shot)These are my strawberry colors...WHOO~HOO!


    anxious to see what they become

  2. How great is that. Does the colour stay in the wool well when it's washed? They all look so great together....not too pink at all.

  3. I fell in love with wool and have yet to make anything with my assorted collection. Plan to make some hand appliqued projects. I like the pinks!


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