These little ladys are coming with me to the store this afternoon~they are really priceless to me as I can see the original shirtings fabric and the faded red to pink fabrics~On the "I love you "pillow you can see where an iron has left a print from someone long ago~and every once in a while I can see a spot that has been mended....♥ I am trying to be a good steward of these beautiful old quilts and will use up every tiny bit...♥

 Tea stained and ready to frame....


  1. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Neat way to use up used quilts. The time spent on making the quilt and the memories of having a quilt will last much longer this way. Chris

  3. Firstborn GamacheJuly 9, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    ♥ ♥ ♥ these!!!

  4. I just love the pillows, I do however have a hard time cutting... I can't do it
    But seeing your pillows they are just amazing!!!


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