Our Coop~♥ Zip Trip and ghosts......

A visit to the Coop to add a few items~Look for Laura Bradley (owner of the Cooperage)on ZipTrip on Fox 25 this Friday morning~she said she will be LIVE at 8:50 a.m!

ALSO a TV crew spent two overnights filming in the Cooperage looking for evidence of a haunting and a show will be airing with the results soon I will keep you posted with a date and time!~LOVE IT!!!!!


  1. I really <3 your Annie, and the lovely kerchief dress ~

  2. Your little cowgirl really catches my eye! Precious!

  3. Firstborn GamacheJuly 15, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    LOVE THE DOLLS!!! They are so cute!!! Your part of the store is my favorite, favorite, favorite!!!

    ♥ Firstborn


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