Interesting process of pricing a" Masterpiece"~

Skips' beauty ( a Susan McCord design) was recently appraised while in California at a quilt show~ She sent me a copy of the appraisal so I could peek at the comments on the quilting~It is an interesting (and"sqirmy") feeling to read a critics words~Thoughtfully my quilters never let me know beforehand about this stuff and I am forever grateful to them...Tell me please after the show that you were even THINKIN' of putting your quilt in a show.....then I can still enjoy my threadart~♥

Quilt appraised at $2300.00~


  1. And....the comments on the threadart by the appraiser on the $2300.00 quiilt were?????? : )

  2. Love the quilt and the quilting was just beautiful, you are very talented!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  3. Ameiii vcs americanos tem uma técnica muitooo gratificante,pois é tudo muito diferente dos nossos trabalhos Brasileiros,tudo maravilhoso, fascina o trabalho de voces,voces tem habilidade nas cores e nas formas. Parabéns ..Fatima Monfredini...


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