In BeTwEeN AnD ALL aRoUnD mY DoWn TiMe~♥

Here I go again......I am amazed I have been married to one man for so many years considering how easily I give my heart away~ lol!
I found this pattern called "Tea in the Garden" and I haven't been quite right since....the pattern suggests Cosmo thread for the embroidery work so I ordered a collection from .
The pattern is from

By the way "Thank You Mom" for my birthday present! ♥ As you can see I have quickly spent the "cash~ola"


  1. Oh I LOVE that!!!! Beautiful!

  2. Wow, It's wonderful. The colours are very nice.

  3. "E'S"MomMarch 30, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    Love the soft colors
    Happy birthday to the girl with the Big Heart!

  4. Robin, this is just too adorable. It's so darn cute. You do such beautiful work. And Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a very nice day. I see that your Mom looks after you well. I'll be off Blogger for a few days but I'll be back. Stay safe. JB

  5. oh my i really like this the colors are so soft. it looks amazing!!!
    btw happy birthday =0)

  6. I really, really must know....the designer of the pattern? I have to find it! I just finished one with similar bunnies but not this one. blessings, marlene

  7. This is beautiful Robin, lovely spring time colors. Keep us up to date on your progress!

  8. Robin, what a fabulous quilt; love the work of your hands and heart, so beautiful.


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