Sweet Temptations~

A trip to the farm over the week~end and you guessed it ~buttons in bottles!!! They literally JUMPED into my pocket........Now I have a few buttons at home but how can I leave this little collection~less than $5 a jar.......cheap thrills!!!!
By thw way my machine will still not quilt from side to side.....hmmmmmm.......I will have to make some calls~wish me luck!


  1. Buttons, lovely buttons. I've always collected buttons just in case I would need one .lol

    Buttons seems to accumulate fast here too. I once gave a whole bunch of buttons to my daughter and she sewed some of the colorful one on a piece of sturdy cloth and made a small pillow for her young daughter to play with. She loved it. She made sure that the thread was sturdy too so they couldn't be pulled off. JB


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