Back at my desk...WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!!

For any LONG~ARMERS out in blogland I have a few tips for you that I learned the hard way this week.....

First of all, it is a MUST that the our machines are serviced more often than we might like~it is s0 hard to let the machine out of our studio for any length if time but in the long run it is, as Martha would say, "a good thing~"

Secondly, if you live in New England you must become acquainted with Cathy Racine at her Sewing Sanctuary in Charlton, Ma. She offers everything a quilter could ever imagine including fabric, classes, notions, books, state of the art sewing machines, long~arm machines, gently used sewing machines and she repairs EVERYTHING!!! 

Plus, she has the most wonderful classes with the most scrumptious food~she share recipes on her website along with so much more......♥

Here are a few photos from her site~  ( you will notice a magnificent church organ which was a part of the original church and is on the second floor of the shop~Cathy also happens to know how to play the organ BEAUTIFULLY and will give you a little concert if you have a second...amazing!!)

And finally if you have a stitch regulated long~arm machine and you are not able to stitch from left to right properly take a peek at the stitch regulator wheel that runs from left to right and be sure it is ALWAYS touching the rail and turning as you sew.......all fixed!!! I am back at my desk!


  1. I love Cathy's place. She spoke at out guild this month, she was wonderful and I learned a lot. Glad you got your machine figured out.

  2. Glad you're able to work again.
    Wow, I love that Sewing Sanctuary. How perfect is that for a quilting music lady like me--everything for quilting and pipe organ that works too!


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