Deep breaths......ahhhhhhhhh......

Scrap piece.....not a customers! o my.....

For the better part of last week I tried this , that and every other thing to try to figure out what was wrong with my Handi-Quilter....which was not at all handy.....
Was it tension? Why is it SKIPPING?????? BIG SKIPS!!!! (Frans pretty red quilt waiting patiently for some threadwork that I  promised.....)

I knew my last resort should have been my first resort~to bring it to the Sewing Sanctuary for much needed respite..

So off it went to the for owner Cathy Racine to work her magic..
She pulled a hundred quilts' worth of fuzz and thread out of somewhere important and also found two self threading needles INSIDE the machine.....? o my.......I have no idea.....  :)

(I feel this same feeling when I pick up Maggie from the groomer and she sometimes saves a knot or two to show me....o my....) To me it is simply a reminder that I am playing too hard like Maggie ~ I need to brush Maggie more and vacuum my machine more....I could do!      but will I ?

I want to show you more pictures later this week of Cathys' store and tell you a little of her story...she is an angel....♥

My sweet machine is home and at the ready.....I will begin again to create a monster pile of fuzz......♥


  1. oh boy Eileen, frustrating circumstances. Glad you are de-fuzzed! I purchased a small air compressor that sits under my machine. Over time it is less expensive that the compressed air in cans and really cleans things up. But your situation makes me wonder if i should make a trip to my service department. :)

  2. I'm glad to hear that your quilting machine runs smoothly again. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your nice quilting. Nothing like a good cleaning to make things feel like new again. JB

  3. Tension! Maybe that's my problem...tension. HA! Wonder if I have too many loose threads running amok and that's helping add to the problem?
    Something to think about, for sure. Loved this post, it's causing the gray cells to churn.


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