Wednesday works for me......

I have no idea why I have taken so long to get back in gear this January~it's been like turning a carnival cruise ship around to sail in the opposite! I definately have high-def ADD~watching my new tv shows, reading my new books, playin' hooky in a million ways.....the thing is, when you are the CEO of your own company there is always a big chance that you will be your own guilty conscience...HA!
So today I have officially "punched" in.......♥

Kate and I decided this would be our song...."Ain't no mountain high enough,,,".we play it ( loudly..) in Nanas' Jeep on our excursions.....good times....♥


  1. I guess that is why I sitting here reading your blog and cross-stitching instead of sewing a new quilt - the CEO hasn't caught me yet......

  2. I know I don't ever comment, but I read your blog regularly and enjoy it very much - the quilting, the grandchildren, New England and that post about your husband is great. What an encouragement for every wife.

  3. Oh , that looks so much faster than hand quilting. My poor quilt is still sitting on the frame. It has been forgotten because of Rug hooking, can you imagine. This looks so beautiful. Do you have a quilting pattern built in your quilting machine or is it freehand stitching.? I always wondered. JB

  4. hey your blog looks amazing i really like the new pic!!! we also got a new tv (high def) and we can't stop watching it either. i keep thinking about what i am going to change this year but have wrote nothing down yet maybe because i to am having a hard time getting refocused. work kinda has takin over my life and my creativity has been pushed aside so i hope this changes this year. love the pic from your granddaughter how cute!!! my hephews did the same for my husband for his bday yesterday (an env. full)
    hope you have a great year and good luck!!!

  5. Eileen, thanks for explaining your long arm on my blog. I'm so amazed how precise your stitching patterns are. You do amazing work. I love any type of fiber art, and would love to do them all. I can knit, crochet cross stitch, embroidery, but quilting and hooking rugs are at the top of my list at the moment but I seldom do much of anything lately as life has gotten busy.JB

  6. I think it's important to take mini vacation! Then when you get back to work you are more focused and you have all that new creative energy to pour into your work.!
    I love this song!! Great choice for you and Kate : )


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