A little bit of everything.....

Today I will be able to do just a little bit......but I find even a little bit of work on many things makes for a pretty productive day~

 I definately need to buy more birdfood today......

 A little of this and that.....

 little ones.....

buttonhole stitch~♥

I look forward, as always, to days~end with my (now overdue) library book~it is so GOOD that I will suffer the consequences knowing I have to do the walk of shame up the library stairs.....lol!


  1. Eileen, what a lovely post today. So full of life's little simple pleasures. Very heart warming. JB

  2. I loved the post and I felt I was sharing all of your wonderful day with you!

  3. so nice to see your having a good day. the pattern i love sue spargo all of her stuff is awesome. my girls and i are blessed to have her coming and teaching at our winter woolen workshop in feb. hope you have a great week.


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