Life is a beach.......

My sister has a blog named She happens to LIVE on the ocean, the poor dear~she is a very talented young woman who has recently inspired me with her to do list for 2011~check out her pretty blog !!!

( I put a Mary Black song to accompany this post as my sister and I were lost in Ireland for ten days back in '89)  ( We did find Marys music though, so all was not lost...) I mean how can two people be lost in Ireland?? But we managed.....every nite we would take a seat in a pub and someone would ask if we had seen such and such while in the town and we would say (together) ""And they would say"Well you missed Cork" "or you missed Donegal" or whichever town we had landed ourselves in....oh my..... We actually arrived at the Cliffs of Moor in the pitchblack of night.....we're lucky we didn't fall over into the! ♥

These are donut pincushions that my sister made with her students~they displayed them in a real donut box~you can read more about the process over at her blog!


  1. Oh my! I've been to the Cliffs of Mohr. You are lucky you didn't blow off the edge. My DH's new oilskin cap from Galway did and we watched it sail off.............. a long way down.
    Now I'm off to visit your sister.

  2. Thank you Eileen for posting this!!
    Your friend Sue visited (Hi Sue!) and she said you told her about my blog, but I had no idea you posted about it!!
    Yes, we have so many memories! You my sister/mother have been one of the strongest guiding forces in my life....thank you for teaching me all that you know (among too many others to to name) about sewing, selflessness, and motherhood! (and helping me in the land of bloghood!)
    Have a good day!
    Love, Beth : )

  3. Eileen, that must have been quite an adventure to be in Ireland with your sister for 9 days. I'm glad that you didn't got blown over the Cliffs of Mohr.

    One of my friend went to search for her ancestral roots there and had a great experience. It was a dream of hers to have this adventure and she just did it. Now she is returning for another trip.

    I had to take a second look at your cookies to realize that they were not the real thing. Good job on those.

    I did checked your sister's blog and was amazed at all the heart rocks she collected. I too used to collect and gave them to one of my grand kids. JB

  4. Those are actually pin cushions that my sister made with her middle-school kids in her classroom! You can find the details of the post on my sisters blog~they look very cute lined up in the real donut box~
    And for my spelling of the cliffs....oh my....
    ♥ E

  5. You must come back and I will take you around a bit, so you won't get lost. At least, I could show you Donegal County where I live.

  6. Micki,
    Someday when our planets all line up again we would l0ve to take a trip back to Ireland and touch all the points that we missed! It would be lovely to spend time with you especially! Let me tell you that we still managed to see your beautiful countryside, ate some great food and laughed alot!
    ♥ Eileen


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