Full circle moments~

When my grand~daughter Kate slept over last week~end we went on a treasure hunt in some boxes I had stored away and discovered a journal I called "Nana 1" I managed to write quite alot about my first grand~daughter who happen to arrive in my life exactly at the right time as I was in treatment and recovery for cancer.........life I have found, has a peculiar way of serving up joy and difficulty on the same tray and of course I chose joy and hung on with pleasure. (hands to work~hearts to God...♥)

 So long story short I had a bit of time "off" from work and I wanted to make Kates' christening gown...I am not a seamstress by any stretch but managed to get this one right (with some help reading the pattern from my dear friend Mary).( The pattern was a "Vogue' I called it "vague!" lol!)

So here we are all these years later up in bed with Kate reading all about herself...she got to the page about the making of her christening dress and she said,"You made my dress???" I said"Yes I did. Would you like to see it?"


Worn again by grand~daughter Isabel~♥

Kate said maybe someday her daughter would wear it.....and that my friends is all a Nana could wish for....♥


  1. What a wonderful post and a beautiful dress!

  2. Wonderful story!! So nice how your journal stopped time for Kate to read about her special occasion.
    And, you did such a good job on the smocking! : )

  3. The pictures of the dress took my breath-a-way and I love the fact that you are here and well to see her reading about it....

  4. "E' s MomJanuary 21, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Beyond words Eileen ~~~
    The gown is beautiful~
    And Nana "E" is the treasure

    Love you !

  5. Wonderful dress! and what a lovely 'team' you sound - you and your grand-daughter, you are both so very lucky to have such a rare and treasured relationship! God bless you both ;o)

  6. Your post just made me cry!!! I had someone make Michelle's (my oldest) Christening gown and now my grandchildren are wearing it at their special day!
    The older I get the more precious these moments become!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mary Ellen

  7. Thank you for sharing the memories and the dress. Your memories brought back memories of the beautiful dress with tatted lace I made for the christening of my first nephew. I wonder if my sister has let her grandchildren use it and if the new baby due this coming week will get to wear it.

  8. What a lovely thing to find, your journal, and what a BEAUTIFUL jod you did of the Christening gown! There's something very precious and special about Christening gowns I think. The smocking is soooo even: as a smocker that's the first thing I noticed!
    Thank you for sharing, this was special!

  9. The dress is just so awesome. I just loved seeing pics of it.

  10. That's just beautiful Eileen, tears to the eyes and yes you're right it is the best a nana can ask for! My granddaughters wore the dress I made for my girls when they were baptised and they say now that their daughters will wear it too, it's a very special thing...


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