Wool Crazy Sew Along~

These characters are waiting for their beaks~and maybe some grass on the ground and perhaps a few little beads.....and there lies the joy of this project from the Wool Crazy Sew Along~ check out the blog created for all the members to get inspired~better yet JOIN us!! www.pumpkinpatchprimitiveswoolcrazy.blogspot.com


  1. I've seen loads of bunnies around, not so many chicks... love to see them when they are finished x x x

  2. Robin I absolutely love your quilt the colors are so alive, great job on this.
    Also on the side of your blog "the girls" what did there assignment end up being. They are absolutely great looking I love them. My chicks are used for pin cushions, my sister also took one for her art room as a companion. Was curious how you used yours? Happy sewing!

  3. Your quilt is just wonderful! It is jus so pretty!

  4. Hi, I dropped by from the Wool Crazy blog, I am enjoying following everyone's progress. Although at this stage I am not making the quilt. Just have to say I love your header, I have that framed print in my sewing room, it is an absolute delight to look at. from Jenny McH (Melbourne, Australia)

  5. oooh they are so cute !!! I think chicks get taken over with bunnies at easter so it's lovely to see them :o)


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