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So I stopped by my friends blog Raggedy Old Annies ( and she "told" me to go visit HER friend Kimmie~who is moving and selling some of her doll collection(!!) (Aunt Kimmies Trunk on Etsy)....
So I did that of course and adopted some new little girls.....s0 CUTE!!!!

Emma came into the house this morning, went right over to the couch and tried her best to get those new dolls down so she could check them out...I said"which one would you like sweet cheeks?" And she said"That one and that one and that one...."
She had them all on the couch and said,"E., do you wanna play wif me?" You bet!!


  1. Aww how cute, I just love those dolls!

  2. They are just the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a treat! They are adorable! : )

  4. Doll #3 looks like Tara! So cute! : )

  5. I love the way you present your treasures!

    Love those dolls
    that includes Emma!

  6. I finally ,with Beth's help figured out how to post a comment Mom


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