Giving baskets....making changes~

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to make (attempt) a quilt called Trick or Treat.
The beauty that inspired me was earth toned and captured my attention despite the fact that those are not the colors I typically work with~ I began with great expectation making many many lovely earthy colored baskets, one after the other, on my way to 291.....
Well then I took a sidebar to make a quilt for my Mom, same pattern but in colorful reproduction feedsack felt wonderful working with all those pretty fabrics....and the quilt was s0 cheery~
So....I made an executive decision to do MY Trick or Treat in 30's fabric! My husband gave me the collection at Christmas and I looked at them daily in my sewing room wondering just how and when I would dive into them.....
I am l0ving the pretty baskets with the backgrounds of shirtings and vintage sheets I purchased on etsy~
Lesson learned once what you love and love what you do~


  1. Very nice, I liked your first choice as well. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  2. Oh yes! I like the 30's baskets. How many are you planning on making? I have the book and my eye has been on the baskets for some time now.

  3. I need 291 of them...but I must say they work up pretty fast once you get on a roll..
    If you prep your blocks and keep them by your favorite chair, you can work on them from time to time throughout the week~
    The book is w0nderful and FULL of ideas both for fabric and wool!


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