Favorite quilt store~favorite farm~favorite project!

The Quilted Crow in Boxborough Ma. has some wonderful wool scraps if anyone is working on a wool applique project! You will also get a huge dose of inspiration from all the completed projects displayed in the store and of course from the wonderful women who keep the quilt shop runnin'!

l0ve this project!!

Springbrook farm in Littleton Ma. has a nice assortment of vintage beads and buttons~there is ALWAYS something calling my name at that farm!

What is it about buttons? They MUST come home with me!


  1. I know I would love that shop.It's a shame that I can't ever see it.

  2. Some day I going to take a ride up there and check that store out. I've passed ther exit many times but never make the stop. Your wool quilt is progressing very nicely.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! I agree with you about buttons,i'm the same. I like your little house there on your shelf!!!

  4. Hi Robin, what are the names of the shops i must go there and check them out! love the work you have done on your crazy quilt. also what are the girls up to? i know they were waiting for there assignment correct? i love them chicks!

  5. The shops are The Quilted Crow in Boxborough Ma. which for you would be 465 north to rt 111 Sandy~The girls go to my new customers along with their completed quilts!
    The farm I love is in Littleton on rt. 119 headed toward Groton Ma.(It is right off 495 north as well just a little further North for you!


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