Full plate and ZEN places......~♥

Dearest friends~
Kate and I finally were able to put a few days together so she could get started on her first quilt~
I found a design using a one jelly roll and ALOT of straight stitching practice....
This ganddaughter is very comfortable using the sewing machine and this particular pattern will really get her into the groove....
As I work on my wedding quilt on the longarm Kate is moving in and out of the sewing room, bringing in snacks and cool drinks~watching her favorite movies ~ She really gets into her ZEN space just like her g'ma...

 We took some time to stop by some of our favorite places~ As we entered this shop our favorite song was playing......serendipity.....

I took a picture of Kates' mom years ago at this same site so we had to stop....

Here is the picture of her Mom amd Uncle many years ago.....

Cooking up a storm.........

 When I glance over into the kitchen and I see Kate cooking by herself now I realize that she will be one of my replacements.......


  1. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful relationship, a grandma an her grand daughter.

  2. You are so very blessed with such a wonderful grand. Enjoy these precious times together!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. one of my favorite posts, although I love ALL your posts!
    I couldn't help but notice Concord Firefly...is that up near the 99, barber shop? I go to W. Concord all the time (Debra's specifically, and Quilter's Way until the moved to Acton)...I didn't even KNOW about this shop!!!

    1. Yes Suzanne that is exactly where it is.....The owner is lovely and Kate and I always find something beautiful we can't live without....Thanks so much for stopping by! E

  4. You two are so lucky to have each other perfect match ~~~Kate following in your footsteps Proud of you both~~~ Love "E's Mom and Kate's Grandie

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