BoOkStOrEs, QuIlT ToPs AnD PuPpIeS!

My Dearest Friends~
Today has to be one of the nicest days EVER here in New England! We have had the heat on and then off and then on again but today seems just right~
A great day to take a peek in one of my favorite bookstores in Concord Ma. They often carry the beautiful Australian magazines that I love......

 I could literally SWEEP this shelf of books right into my many good books.....

 Here is Millie Vannilly waiting for the arrival of 8 PUPS! When she is not sleeping she is looking around for a!

 This is Frans beauty all done and ready for shipping! Batiks are a conundrum for me~They want to hide the quilting stitches from plain sight! I fold and play with the quilt to show you that I did indeed spend some time with her.....

 HiDe And sEeK...

 any threadwork??

 Ahhh...there it is...


  1. Beautiful here in New Jersey. Enjoy the day! Millie looks like such a sweetheart! - Debra

  2. I had to chuckle when I saw the peacock fabric on Fran's quilt - I just posted a picture of a peacock that I saw last night! LOL Such beautiful colors!

  3. You did a AMAZING job quilting this batik quilt. A true work of art ! Millie is SO cute :-D Enjoy that nice weather !

  4. Which Australian magazines do you love? That bookshop look like a great place to spend hours browsing and choosing. Loving your quilting on those Batiks too and wish Millie good luck with her puppies, when are they due?


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