BeHiNd ThE LoOkInG GLAsS.....

My Dearest Bloggy friends~
I have a treasure that I keep in my Quilting room and that is my grandmothers mirror...
Along with my cousins I would always stop for a quick pose in front of it when it was hanging in my grandmothers house on Clinton street. That mirror captured images of all who walked by it~my pretty aunt checking her hem before rushing off to work~my grandmother fixing her hat before church~
I'm quite certain my Dad checked his hair in it before rushing out for a date with our Mom~

I never remember my grandfather in front of it....he must have checked in with the chickens in the barn to see if his hair was alright for the day....

I grew up in front of this mirror and so you can imagine how happy I was to have it given to me years ago~ It was a wedding gift of my grandmothers so it holds, now, four generations of images.

Twenty three years ago when we were losing our home in a fire one of the Firefighters leaned out the window and asked me if there anything special he could hand out the window to me.....I said oh yes.....on the wall to your right a mirror....

It was Christmas Eve and out of that window came the best. present.ever.

I walked across the icy front lawn and tucked it in the backseat of our car.

And here we are all these years later 
I rarely see myself in this mirror....I see my family. ♥E


  1. I'm so glad your beloved mirror was saved. I too have a mirror from my grandparents house but it was house where children had to sit quietly and be silent, I didn't like to visit and although I like my mirror I see no family when I look into it. I hope my Grandies will have fonder memories of me.

  2. I love your post! that mirror has a lot of nice memories~~~~just to fill in a blank~~Grampy Wheeler had a little mirror over the kitchen sink,wet the comb and comb his hair put on his Ratheon Guard hat ,grab his brown lunch bag ,peck Nanna on the cheek and off to work and always add" You should put a stone in my lunch bag so it wont blow away Mae!````nana had him on a low fat diet
    Take it easy now Mae~~~~she would wait for him to go down around the corner grab her purse and hat and scoot up to the corner catch the bus to the racetrack and be home before
    Grampy share all her winnings with the family~~~she always won~~well Eileen you got me going down memory lane~~~nice trip
    Love, Mom

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