April was full.....and good~♥

My Dearest Bloggy friends~
April was such a busy month for our family~My husband retired from the Police Dept. after a long wonderful career~ with mixed emotions but mostly relief from MY end.....

I don't think I truly appreciated how much underlying stress was involved for all these years, yet I thought I knew....
But that first Sunday drive to Maine after retirement we found ourselves COMPLETELY in the moment~ relaxing...talking...seafood...indian pudding... (only in New England..)

The world has changed since my husband was a young officer. Now a seasoned Sergeant he has seen so much...it's time...

I am so glad he is home.

This little Minnie Vinnie had a birthday.....age one.  I can't stand it...he is pure JOY! He and his brother and sister spent some time at Nana E's this April while his Mom recovered from a spinal fusion. 

We brought Mom home as well!

Here she is saying goodnight to her Vinnie who weighs just OVER the limit for lifting right now....

A cake to celebrate one week of recovery!

Remember the "pixie" quilt I made?

Well here is LUCY with her new quilt!! How cute is she?

 And for today everyone is back home in their own nests and Spring has snuck into the house by way of flowers and Kimballs~♥ We all have a minute to take a breath and get back into that moment.


  1. What a lovely post and pictures... no wonder you are feeling so happy with those gorgeous grandchildren and now a husband that won't be in danger at work any more.. life must look really good now.. How I envy you your skills with the sewing machine.. I have got an electric one that I bought new several years ago, and still have not plucked up the courage to really have a go! I love seeing all your super quilts, and I really am jealous at how clever you and your little band of new quilters are! I send best wishes to your daughter for a speedy recovery and no wonder you love having those babies visit, their smiles say it all!! Lots of hugs from across the pond, Janzi

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that our lady dog is also called Millie and quite the prima donna too... she rules the roost where our other dog is concerned, he is male and of course she keeps him in his place.. all the best janzi

  3. Such a sweet baby quilt and a good picture of the baby wrapped in it.

  4. great post, glad he is home & her too!
    love the quilt, the photo of her in it is precious!

  5. Such a great post. Congrats on the retirement! Many fun times and memories await! PS Vinnie is sooooo cute!


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