Threadwork and a TIP for longarmers~♥

This fabric is so pretty but I only have cloudy day photos BUT I wanted to share this little quilts progress~

 This quilt will be all about WHIMSY~

 Threadwork around the teacups~the "stars" of the show......

And here is my TIP for my longarmer friends~
On your practice fabric to the side of your quilt~(the sample you do to check your tension....) try drawing a "picture" of something that incorporates all the moves your thread will be making on the quilt at hand~
 All of my quilts are freemotion and I tend to need thread tension for tight curliques etc. so I most often will draw out this little bird....and then sign my initials so I can be sure the tension is right for lettering~then I am good to go! 
If you are doing straight lines then do a box within a box........if you are writing do a few words....
I find this specific thread testing save me a lot of time in the long run.....


  1. Thanks for the tip! What kind of thread are you using in that quilt. I love how the stitches show up so nicely!

  2. I only use Aurifil thread~I know I should branch out but this thread and I get along so WELL!! E

  3. BRILLIANT!! I love this idea...thank you!


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