Sewing with Millie~♥

I am making good time with our Tea Cozy quilt~the fabric colors are all so pretty that the piecing is a treat~

I also love to iron out the seams and steam everything nice and smooth with all the seams going opposite of one another so all the teacups will stack up as I sew the long strips together.

 This only happens in quilting you know....Life doesn't stack up like that~life is more like a crazy quilt~

I could not have found a better way to spend my recovery time than on this project~I can feel that this old knee is getting better and better with each day....

 pretty rows....all ironed....ready to go~

pinned together so I don't forget the order~

more pretty selvage fabric...I will make something special for all who participate in the Relay~

 Millie inspecting the progress in between naps~

 beautiful sun today~
Next will be to try out my new Avante....I cannot wait!


  1. so glad your knee is mending well Eileen, those teacups are going to be fabulous..

  2. Tag says, "Hi, Millie!" Your quilt is looking beautiful! There's nothing quite like a new machine, either, Eileen. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a fabulous new week!

  3. A new machine! How exciting.


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