Beautiful Raffle Quilt completed!! Take a chance and support "Relay for Life!"

A great big THANK YOU!! to my friend MaryEllen for once again choosing to be the captain of her team this spring for the "Relay For Life" fundraiser for a CURE for cancer~

Here are some pretty pictures of "your" quilt ( I will post the details of the raffle as soon as I get them from Maryellen!)
The background is a pretty honey yellow~ I incorporated all the fabrics into the binding~

These fabrics are beautiful and simply needed little accents~

LOOK at the binding!! Love it!

Hearts and teacups~

Words for the new owner~ (could be you!!)

Details of the border fabric and design~

On my chair for a moment......Can I take a chance?

 Pretty pretty colors....soothing and joyful I think~

Its all about the family, eh?

Polka dots and hearts~

This was a TRUE "labor of love" and we are all looking forward to a SUPER successful fundraiser with this beauty as the prize!


  1. Oh what a beautiful quilt!! Such a lot of work in it..

  2. I just keep looking at the different pictures of this beautiful quilt!!! Thank you so much my friend!!!

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  4. Beautiful quilt Eileen can't wait for the info for the raffle <3
    "E's Mom

  5. beautiful work as always !


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