A special quilt for a little friend who lives by the Atlantic~

I have been working on a VERY special quilt for a VERY special someone who needs a quilt to bring to the beach~along with her popsicles and juice boxes~this quilt can handle it....

I will show you some pictures when it is all quilted and just before I mail it~ I am hoping for some super cute photos of my little friend and her "pixelated heart" blanket~she is of course a modern girl~

The tutorial for this quilt can be found at blueelephantstitches.blogspot.com  It's a great design for your stash~

 A special label...

 Ironing the pieced border~I really like the idea of random color on the back~

 Millie always supervising~she waits for the water spray to see if she can catch some in her mouth....we go for cheap thrills here~lol!


  1. So glad you left a comment today so that I could find your beautiful blog. Oh my goodness you are talented! I will be back to visit often. Have a blessed weekend!

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  3. So fun. I so like that pattern. Always a favorite of mine, scrappy squares sewn together. It feels good to make something special for someone!


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