Friday, August 31, 2012

Etsy store open! Vintage QuiltY Trees and more....

Trios of Vintage Holiday Trees for sale~two looks for the price of one~buttons or ornaments~♥ These little trees balance on vintage wooden spools and will brighten up all your nooks and crannies~ take a peek at my trees using the widget to your right~♥ more to come.....

Vintage quilted garland~6 ft

 Sweet handmade "Mug Rugs"

This is what is on my rug frame these days~I am working on a chair seat round to offer as a pattern ~along with the wool for your strawberries and antique black background~stay tuned~♥

Saturday, August 25, 2012

HQ16 for sale~

I had a great time yesterday at the very first class at the Northeast Longarm Education Center which is held at the Charlton Sewing Center in Charlton Ma.

I had a chance to try out my new machine which will be delivered to my sewing space soon!! Just a few new bells and whistles to learn~ I had a chance to play with some metallic thread which has always been a curiosity of mine~I learned so much more about playing with the tension~not shying away from different threads (because I have this thing about messing up the tension!)

We had some terrific guest speakers and networked with other long~armers in New England~

Some of my favorite things from yesterday~ Zendoodles~I will have to join a class at next years MQX in Manchester and give it a go! Here is a great book to reference and a video of another...

Another must have will be Leader Grips for my new machine~

Here are some pics of my sparkly doodles~♥

 And yes my HQ16 is for sale~it is a wonderful machine!! I just had it completely serviced and added new wheels on the machine (easy rider) and tracks on the carriage~I have new rails for the new owner to place on the table~it has a stitch regulator, bobbin winder and stylus for using "groovy boards" The table is included and has to be a pick up......I am asking $4500.00 for the kit and caboodle~♥ Please e-mail me at if you are interested~

Monday, August 20, 2012

"When the angels are with you"

My mother taught me everything I know about cake decorating~she was the cake lady in our neighborhood back in the day while raising 6 children~hanging cloth diapers~waxing floors~wallpapering rooms, budgeting and on and on....

She is an artist as well and when she would draw her portraits she would go into her "zen" place and create her magic~she did the same when decorating wedding cakes~she would put the record player on the lowest speed and build her frosting roses on a piece of paper at the center of the record holder~petal after petal of frosting as the circle would spin~

I was her apprentice not for floor scrubbing but for all of the beautiful details she made from frosting and in the portraits she drew while her children swirled around her....."when the angels were with her" she told me yesterday, she could get into that magical state of  creativity ~♥

Emma "big E"turned 6 years old this weekend and requested a home~made birthday cake~6 layers please Nana~
And so this is how grandmothers get in trouble and find themselves thinking not of sheep as they try to sleep but how will I keep the layers from listing to one!

And here it was at Emma house showing its true colors~The party and cake were originally planned for 40 people but little Emma woke up with the flu so it was pared down to 6~everyone had a!

 Big "E" celebrating her wonderful life~she said she feels taller~♥

 And of course we could not forget her birthday apple pies~

another special request from Emma~

I made little ones this year so she could pass them out to whoever she deemed worthy~

Two layers that did not make the cut stayed at home for Nana and Grampy~

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quilty Trees for October Fair~♥

Some pretty "Quilty Trees" for our October fair~made from upcycled "cutter" quilts, vintage beads, and vintage spools~♥

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New rug design~inspiration from Doris Eaton~Quilts and strawberry Wool

Doris Eaton has inspired me to try this beautiful strawberry design rug which gave me an excuse to dye some scrumptious strawberry wool along with a dyepot full of a relaxed black background (all of your darkest wools thrown into the pot and simmered together alone or with a splash of black dye) I added more black dye so that the strawberries will pop off the squares~

♥ Thank you Doris for your beautiful books and rugs~ check out Doris on YouTube explaining the Doris Eaton edge...a new and different way to finish your rugs!

 here is the rug....isn't it beautiful?
 Here are my new strawberry colors still damp on the porch~patience........btw i got this drying rack online and it is fantastic!!!!! It is from and folds away nicely when not in use~It is made in the USA and is all maple and steel~It will dry a large load of laundry in case you were wondering.....but who is doing laundry when they can be hooking or quilting~lol!
 another view for you...
 This is my friend Kathys beauty ready to go~just have to load on the backing and choose a pretty thread~
 Millie wants to come in and check the kitchen floor for any new crumbs since she went out two seconds ago~♥

Friday, August 10, 2012

My super~fan nod to Deanne Fitzpatrick~♥

Dear Diary~
Every few years (or days) I find myself at at a crossroads and have to stop and pay attention to what I am called to do. This particular crossroad finds me at 60 and it has so many options that I need to get "quiet". Do you know what I mean? Very quiet....choose carefully....perhaps mix a lot more "me" into this recipe~ 

I have lost alot in my life but I have gained much much more~so when I listened to Deanne Fitzpatricks interview in blogtalk radio she struck a chord when she quoted Katherine Hepburn, "happiness is wanting what you have." 

I have a lot....I need to pay attention to that.....I'm not talking only about "stuff" right?

Now I don't know about you but I need to have important sayings right next to me if I am going to remember them on a daily basis~ so I thought I would hook this reminder and hang it where I would see it each morning.

Now rest assured this is just the very first step in a long process for me because wrapped up in this saying for me are some very big projects~

While being "quiet" I will begin to inventory my excess and replace some dust bunnies with beautiful belongings~ I mean that in a real sense and in the abstract....

As for "what I have" well that is for me the biggest pile to sort..And that is because part of what I "have" is creativity and I get lost in my own plans ~can you imagine such a thing? But I most certainly do...oh my...

One great step forward in this process was to begin to do craft fairs because it pulls together so many of the things I love~hanging out with other artists~meeting customers who tell me stories about their life while looking at our artwork~It is SUCH a cool connection...PLUS the sweet and spicy home~made pickles are really good....

I will only vend near the ocean or on rolling hills on a farm~no indoor spaces please...I need breathing space if I am ever going to really see what I "have"....♥

So thank you Deanne for your inspiration and for your beautiful blog

I will keep you posted on my progress~thanks for listening~♥

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robinhill Quilts and Winterhill Woolens and Thompson Hill in Maine

We had such a wonderful weekend setting up our booth in Maine! We met so many nice women and had a chance to network with other artists~my grand~daughter Kate, my sister-in -law Maureen and I began our day at 4a.m. setting out for the coast to set up our tent and wares~♥ We celebrated our successful day at the Goldenrod with supper and penuche sundaes and then a long walk on the beach before heading home to a long hot shower and bed.....

 Vinnie stopped by for a visit~♥

 We wore him!
Frans beautiful quilt finished Monday and mailed so she can get it to California for a special birthday!