Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Scoop~Three Scoops~all ready for the shower today!

Baby quilts finished in the nick of time! They are very sweet and I cannot wait to see the little boys wrapped up in them! As I was sewing the bindings on last night and feeling the soft WARM "minkee" fabric on the back I suddenly remembered that we are just around the corner from summer and what was I thinking!?....It has been so cold here in New England~I really had a brain lapse about our summer heat.....oh my...maybe we will get a snowstorm in July!

 Millie is missing Maggie.....How cute is she? We will hear more news tomorrow about Maggies litter~the breeder is expecting at least 5 pups.....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finishing touches.......

Almost done.....♥

My daughter Laura and her "big E" on their last weekend shopping trip before brother #2 arrives...we are all so excited! Emma and her brother will be here at Nana E's while Mom recovers with the new baby~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Puppies? A new favorite magazine~Quilting lessons learned~

Maggie on her way VERY early Tuesday morning to the groomers for a FLUFF and BUFF! She then goes to Duxbury for a 6-8 week vacation by the ocean as she delivers her pups~ We heard from Duxbury that she looked "GREAT" after her grooming and now we wait to hear about her litter~We really miss her bouncing around the house but we will see her soon enough~♥

My new 'favorite" magazine~You can buy it at JoAnns....this copy will wait for just the right moment.....

 So~for the backing on my "Scoops" quilts I choose a "Minkee" in blue with white dots and a green with white dots~The first quilt is all quilted but my machine is not liking the backing as it releases alot of fluff...
I will do one more today with the "fluffy " stuff and then it's back to 100% cotton for my HQ~ Live and learn.......

Monday, April 23, 2012

FuN~FuN~FuN! Thank you Kathleen!

Just a little thread catching here and there and Kathleens beauty is ready for the mailman~♥
Thanks for letting me "do my thing"! This was a very special treat to quilt~

 and the back........

 way cool....

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Maggie and Millie friends at long last~♥

 Sleep~over at Nana E's~watching tv in my bed~I guess Cal was only able to talk during commercials~lol!
 Making "KEEP OUT" signs for the teepees~

 When did THIS little munchkin~
 turn into THIS long drink of water?

 Relaxing in his Teepee~    "BOYS" only....

 Picnic in big E's cosy spot`

For instructions on how to build a teepee go to

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Words of Wisdom~Kathleens VERY COOL quilt and some magazines for sale~♥

One of my grand~daughters who is 5 years old and shall remain anonymous for Nana E reasons still occassionally will write on the walls.......she gets in trouble for this~ I can relate to this little girl and feel we are "kindred spirits." If the thought comes to mind and you have pen yet no paper, isn't that what a blank wall is for? This little girl will soon enough have her own space like her Nana and she can do as she pleases.....♥

 This is Kathleens VERY COOL quilt~I am in heaven quite frankly~She probably thinks I have moved or something radical has happened but no~it just took this long for the line to move~they are like relatives to me and must not be rushed...way cool,eh?
 chalk and me.....

 I have magazines galore that I will not read again and they are in pristine condition~I will place them on Etsy soon~♥

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Holiday to all!! Another beauty finished and a VERY COOL quilt NEXT!! ~♥

This was a major COUP for Millie~to be able to go into Maggies doghouse! Maggie is worn out and looking for a Nanny for sure to entertain this new!

Jeans pretty quilt ready for delivery~

Happy Patriots day to all of my blogging friends!! Go Red Sox!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lots of finishing touches ~Quilt for SALE~and ongoing projects~Getting ready for MQX EAST!!

Three "scoops" for baby boy due May 1st~ready for a minkee back and some white on white quilting~my 
favorite kind of quilting!! (He is the third child in his family)

 One "scoop" for baby boy due June 15th! ( He will be my daughter-in-laws first baby~He is the third child in his family) The shower is on April 29th so I must get moving....

Call me crazy but I had to make a pink "scoop" while I was at it~I had such pretty pink fabrics and needed a fix! I will quilt it for a sweet baby girl and sell it on Etsy~♥ If anyone is interested before I begin to quilt it please e-mail me at and I can personalize it with your babies name~♥ 

The price will be $125.00 plus 10.00 shipping~(Hand applique~minkee white backing~custom quilting) I will post a picture when it is finished!  

 This came today and I cannot open it until I have done all that is on my Tuesday list~ This is a GREAT magazine for those of you who hook~♥

 Speaking of hooking~this is the rug I am working on at the moment~I treated myself to a kit from Walker Homestead (Thank you to my kids for a wonderful gift certificate) It is such a treat to have all the wool ready to cut and hook~

 Just a few more rows and I am ready to call this young lady to pick up her beautiful hand embroidered quilt~ I quilted all around but simply framed the little blocks of embroidery for her~It makes the little square rise up and show off!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hips and Elbow check please~

We were all up at the "crack of dawn" getting ready for a trip to the southshore for a hip and elbow check for this little pup~she had to wait to eat until after the testing and you can see she is wondering "Where is my breakfast please?"and "I really just want to stay home and play with Maggie""Why doesn't she have to 

"Where EXACTLY are we going?"

Millies ride home was much more relaxed~thinking about where she will dig a hole next....