Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In BeTwEeN AnD ALL aRoUnD mY DoWn TiMe~♥

Here I go again......I am amazed I have been married to one man for so many years considering how easily I give my heart away~ lol!
I found this pattern called "Tea in the Garden" and I haven't been quite right since....the pattern suggests Cosmo thread for the embroidery work so I ordered a collection from .
The pattern is from

By the way "Thank You Mom" for my birthday present! ♥ As you can see I have quickly spent the "cash~ola"

Friday, March 25, 2011

At my desk today with Kathleens' beauty!

Here I am again living vicariously thru another super quilters applique! Kathleens' stitching around these beautiful leaves and her smooth curves amaze me! ~ it is such a treat to quilt this beauty!

 The fabric choice Kathleen made for her quilt border and the way she pieced it will enable me to follow the beautiful leaf pattern as a quilted design.....I'll be sure to post some pics! ♥
as my Dad would say," burning the midnight oil...."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will quilt for Kaffe scraps!! ♥ I am serious!

I again have NO business looking and wishing and figuring out how I can add another project to the pile I already have but once again I have been inspired by a blogging friend who featured a finished Kaffe Fassett Dear Jane on her blog~ It is to die for......the quilting on the Dear Jane is amazing so please take a peek.....♥ Today she is having a give~away!!!!
                                      This is her beautiful quilt........

 My 5" basket blocks in Kaffe.....

 Maggie is asking "What are we planning now?"

 When my dear Fran stopped by this week to pick up her "ruby" and her "twin" quilts she generously gave me a starter Kaffe Fassett scrap pile that is scrumptious~

So here's my offer~I have a Dear Jane ( now in Kaffee) on my bucket list and am on the hunt for more Kaffee scraps~ I will actually love to trade custom quilting for anyone in blogland who is a Kaffe fan and who would trade scraps for stitches!!!! Would anyone be interested? Please leave me your info and we will talk....the more trades the better!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting process of pricing a" Masterpiece"~

Skips' beauty ( a Susan McCord design) was recently appraised while in California at a quilt show~ She sent me a copy of the appraisal so I could peek at the comments on the quilting~It is an interesting (and"sqirmy") feeling to read a critics words~Thoughtfully my quilters never let me know beforehand about this stuff and I am forever grateful to them...Tell me please after the show that you were even THINKIN' of putting your quilt in a show.....then I can still enjoy my threadart~♥

Quilt appraised at $2300.00~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back at my desk...WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!!

For any LONG~ARMERS out in blogland I have a few tips for you that I learned the hard way this week.....

First of all, it is a MUST that the our machines are serviced more often than we might like~it is s0 hard to let the machine out of our studio for any length if time but in the long run it is, as Martha would say, "a good thing~"

Secondly, if you live in New England you must become acquainted with Cathy Racine at her Sewing Sanctuary in Charlton, Ma. She offers everything a quilter could ever imagine including fabric, classes, notions, books, state of the art sewing machines, long~arm machines, gently used sewing machines and she repairs EVERYTHING!!! 

Plus, she has the most wonderful classes with the most scrumptious food~she share recipes on her website along with so much more......♥

Here are a few photos from her site~  ( you will notice a magnificent church organ which was a part of the original church and is on the second floor of the shop~Cathy also happens to know how to play the organ BEAUTIFULLY and will give you a little concert if you have a second...amazing!!)

And finally if you have a stitch regulated long~arm machine and you are not able to stitch from left to right properly take a peek at the stitch regulator wheel that runs from left to right and be sure it is ALWAYS touching the rail and turning as you sew.......all fixed!!! I am back at my desk!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Temptations~

A trip to the farm over the week~end and you guessed it ~buttons in bottles!!! They literally JUMPED into my pocket........Now I have a few buttons at home but how can I leave this little collection~less than $5 a thrills!!!!
By thw way my machine will still not quilt from side to side.....hmmmmmm.......I will have to make some calls~wish me luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deep breaths......ahhhhhhhhh......

Scrap piece.....not a customers! o my.....

For the better part of last week I tried this , that and every other thing to try to figure out what was wrong with my Handi-Quilter....which was not at all handy.....
Was it tension? Why is it SKIPPING?????? BIG SKIPS!!!! (Frans pretty red quilt waiting patiently for some threadwork that I  promised.....)

I knew my last resort should have been my first resort~to bring it to the Sewing Sanctuary for much needed respite..

So off it went to the for owner Cathy Racine to work her magic..
She pulled a hundred quilts' worth of fuzz and thread out of somewhere important and also found two self threading needles INSIDE the machine.....? o my.......I have no idea.....  :)

(I feel this same feeling when I pick up Maggie from the groomer and she sometimes saves a knot or two to show me....o my....) To me it is simply a reminder that I am playing too hard like Maggie ~ I need to brush Maggie more and vacuum my machine more....I could do!      but will I ?

I want to show you more pictures later this week of Cathys' store and tell you a little of her story...she is an angel....♥

My sweet machine is home and at the ready.....I will begin again to create a monster pile of fuzz......♥