Working my way to this spot by sunset~

This is my favorite spot spring, summer and fall for breakfast...I would love to linger but I have lots to do today with quilts and groceries and cleaning~each time I go in and out of the house this space calls my name.....I will make time after supper for sure...♥


  1. what a wonderful spot to curl up with good book or some hand work

  2. Hope you have a lot of moments on that cozy porch! maybe wine with cheese and crackers in the evening~~~~~~~~~~kinda like your afghan
    Love Mom

  3. What a gorgeous spot to sit. Filled with Spring flowers too. We've had and are still having the hottest driest Summer. It's like the rain doesn't want to come to see us this year and the gardens are so thirsty.

  4. I think I want to paint my house like yours ♥♥♥ firstborn


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