So inspired by todays swap! Thank you Kathleen!!

I am very happily in my sewing space this afternoon quilting again after a busy, busy weekend with my grandies...they are getting way too big too fast...such different personalities~such interesting little people! My house was rocking back and forth I swear at one point as they thundered up and down the stairs~it was such a treat to have the house FULL of kids from stem to stern....♥


On my design wall~♥

I met Kathleen today to bring her a finished quilt (the beautiful pomagranate applique) and we had a fabulous swap!! She gave me a treasure of Kaffe Fassett fabric remnants and along with some other brights AND a the pattern for the Kaffe Flower Pot quilt!!!! The fabrics are beautiful and really inspire me to begin my "Dear Jane".

The deal is still on~will quilt for Kaffe remnants!!


Flower pot pattern!
more remnants...♥

One baby quilt done~back to my machine for Janes' next little quilt!


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable!
    I love your quilting. I also love Kaffe Fasset fabrics! The flower pot quilt will be really pretty!

  2. Eileen, can you email your snail mail, I have some Kaffe bits that you can have with pleasure. Left over from my daughters Christmas quilt, I'm sure I saw your name on them last time I looked...!

  3. Your grandchildren are just adorable. I love baskets and will have to do a quilt of them one day. Love all of the fabrics too! You are slways so inspiring!

  4. Your quilting is beautiful! So glad I found your blog!


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