Hands to Work~Hearts to God~♥ Two~Wheelers

My Swedish sister and I have had quite a few inspirational business "meetings" getting ready for our mini store in Townsend~ One of our biggest issues is reeling ourselves in and having an organized plan which I think we have finally done........I think....lol!
I am designing some new w00l hooked chair seat rounds~they are very cute and again I have to reel myself in to complete one task before beginning another....
We will have a combination of old and new but all with a vintage cozy feel....♥
busy...busy...busy....o my....


  1. oh..very nice and perfect this work!
    Nice week,Monica

  2. I'm wishing you all the best of luck Michelle with your new business. I'm positive that you will do well. It's always hard work when you work for yourself but very satisfying. JB

  3. Very exciting!
    Love your bicycle illustration! : )


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